"Nothing makes me happier than finding that little-known or first-time author who really deserves to make it, and selling a boatload of their books -well, that and putting just the right books into each customer's hands.."   jill

The Wicked Sister Cover Image
ISBN: 9780735213036
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Published: G.P. Putnam's Sons - August 4th, 2020

Karen Dionne hit the jackpot with her first mystery - The Marsh King's Daughter- which is set in the U.P., and the expectations for her next book were quite high.
And now you can judge for yourself. The Wicked Sisteralso takes place in the U.P. - on a remote estate where a young family has moved to let their profoundly disturbed daughter grow up away from others. The problem is that Diana eventually gets a younger sister, Rachel, and when the girls' parents are found dead in an apparent murder-suicide, Rachel ends up in a psychiatric facility and Diana remains at the family lodge. Stop in for your copy and let's discuss!

Final Cut: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062382153
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Published: Harper - August 25th, 2020

Remember Before I Go to Sleep? Author SJ Watson has another British thriller that's just released that you're sure to like as well.
Blackwood Bay, a sleepy, dwindling town, might be the perfect place for London-based filmmaker Alex to shoot her next project about 'ordinary Brits'.
But she chose to shoot here because someone sent a postcard to intrigue her. Someone who knows that Alex and Blackwood Bay have a past, and that under the surface, Blackwood Bay is anything but ordinary.

The Second Mother Cover Image
ISBN: 9781728226361
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Published: Sourcebooks Landmark - August 18th, 2020

Julie need a fresh start and teaching in a one-room schoolhouse on a remote island sounds enticing.
But once she leaves her tightly-knit community in the Adirondacks for another tightly-knit community, she begins to wonder if running to an island will only make it that much harder to escape.
Milchman's trademark relationship-based mysteries have garnered her a lot of fans at Saturn, and not only among those who've attended her signings here. I think The Second Mother will make those readers happy and win her some new fans, as well.

Betty: A novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780525657071
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Published: Knopf - August 18th, 2020

Wow! This novel, based upon the author's own mother's life is just masterful and deserves a wide and appreciative audience.

Betty is growing up in southern Ohio in the '50s and '60s in a large family with a white mother and a Native American father.

Impoverished and living in a largely dysfunctional household, young Betty with her dark skin would be imprisoned in a harsh life of bullying and prejudice if not for her larger-than-life father and his fantastical stories that weave Native American lore and sheer fancy.

Landon Carpenter gave Betty wings and encouraged her to fly - helping her to grow into the only of her siblings to graduate into a different kind of life than the one they seemed to live.
A story we've perhaps read before is made wholly new in the hands of Tiffany McDaniel, whose prose is by turns lyrical, haunting, disturbing, and beautiful. Can you tell I really liked this one?

Caste (Oprah's Book Club): The Origins of Our Discontents Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593230251
Availability: In stock in our warehouse.
Published: Random House - August 4th, 2020

I can tell you that this book gave me a gut-check like no other. If you can read this and not have to reflect upon and re-examine your beliefs and institutionalized knowledge about race relations -all races - in our country, then (okay, I deleted my next two sentences because sometimes saying what you really think is just impolitic.)

I’ll leave you with these thoughts:
1)Did you know that the Nazis studied America’s laws affecting treatment of Blacks to formulate their own treatment of Jews - and that some of the committeemen actually thought our laws were more harsh than they’d need to be?!
2)Do you have a drop of German, Italian, Asian, Irish, Native American, etc. blood in your family tree? Do you know how low that would have made you in early America’s pecking order? The roots of our caste system are absurd, and this book shines a spotlight on the myriad ways in which we ridiculously perpetuate it, yes, especially with Black people, even when we purportedly ‘know better’.


Lock Every Door: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781524745165
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Published: Dutton - May 5th, 2020

Jules was making it as a millennial in NYC - until she wasn't. In one day she was laid off and found her boyfriend cheating. Unfortunately, without much saved, she is immediately down and out.
Until a miracle happened - she stumbled upon an ad to house sit in the most famous building in the city - the Bartholomew - and the gig pays incredibly well. Well enough to support her while she finds another job.
But the Bartholomew has a long and storied past - and the stories don't have happy endings. A few other sitters have come and gone rapidly, and Ingrid, a sitter Jules was just getting to know, disappeared without a trace.
Lock Every Door reads almost like a well-written ghost story at first - but what happens at the Bartholomew has a very human hand behind it. But whose? And will Jules find out before it's too late?
A fast, compulsive read.

The Guest Book: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250110275
Availability: In stock in our warehouse.
Published: Flatiron Books - May 5th, 2020

How long has it been since we've immersed ourselves in a sweeping generational saga that just transported us?
The Guest Book has been called "marvelous," "remarkable," "simply stunning," and "the great American novel."
The Miltons are old money - already by 1935 Kitty and Ogden have it all - the perfect family and the perfect life and a huge fortune. They are the envy of everyone - until tragedy strikes. Ogden tries to bring Kitty back to him by buying her an island in Maine.
And the island is the backdrop for the entire novel. From Gatsby-esque parties and the way one "ought to live" to the civil rights era and into the present, when a third generation struggles to make sense of everything they were never told about what happened within their own family, The Guest Book is a lush example of "history is in the eye of the beholder."
And readers everywhere will fell fortunate that Sarah Blake has given us the chance to be the beholders in her remarkable novel.

Thirteen: The Serial Killer Isn't on Trial. He's on the Jury. (Eddie Flynn #3) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250297624
Availability: In stock in our warehouse.
Published: Flatiron Books - April 28th, 2020

Every time I read Steve Cavanagh I like him more.
In Thirteen, a young movie star is accused of murdering his wife and a body guard. Eddie Kane takes the case against all odds and what he discovers is astonishing - and lethal.
Joshua Kane get to watch the trial for the murder he committed from the best seat in the court - the jury box!
This one reads fast and furious and is just crazy enough to be pure escapism.

Someone We Know: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780525557678
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Published: Penguin Books - May 12th, 2020

There have been a few break ins - but nothing was taken. Then a letter circulates from a mother apologizing for her son - he's been snooping (read hacking their computers), but the letter is anonymous. The speculation begins. What secrets has this kid uncovered?
And then a wife goes missing - and her body turns up in a lake.
Who knows more than they're telling? Who can be trusted?
Lapena - bestselling author of The Couple Next Door, A Stranger in the House, and An Unwanted Guest returns with another who-dun-it that will have you looking askance at the folks on the block.

Burn the Dark: Malus Domestica #1 Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250306425
Availability: In stock in our warehouse.
Published: Tor Books - January 14th, 2020

There has been a lot of buzz and advance praise for this debut novel. Part horror, part fantasy, Burn the Dark introduces Robin, a punk You Tuber whose vlogs of her adventures in witch hunting are an internet sensation. What her many fans don't realize, though, is that her videos aren't staged and the witches are real.
S.A. Hunt lives in Petoskey following a stint in the military police, where they earned a Joint Services Achievement Medal for their efforts in Afghanistan. The second in the Malus Domestica series is available now, and the third will be published by Macmillan later this year.