"Nothing makes me happier than finding that little-known or first-time author who really deserves to make it, and selling a boatload of their books -well, that and putting just the right books into each customer's hands.."   jill

The Wife Upstairs: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250245496
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Published: St. Martin's Press - January 5th, 2021

Jane is a dog walker in a ritzy Birmingham subdivision who has sticky fingers and a lot of ambition. She soon catches the eye of wealthy widower Eddie Rochester. But what happened to Eddie's first wife Bea and her friend Blanche? Does this ring any Jane Eyrebells for you?

It's a twisty thriller and great escape reading. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Patient Cover Image
ISBN: 9780358181767
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Published: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - July 7th, 2020

Parker is a newly minted psychiatrist with a great pedigree who has chosen to practice in a run-down public psychiatric hospital.

Shorly after arriving, Parker sees an orderly have a psychotic break and learns of the suicide of a beloved nurse. That lead him to learn of a string of doctors who lost their lives - or their minds - all while treating Joe - a lifelong inmate of the hospital.

Told as a series of blog posts, The Patientfollows Parker as he determines to be the doctor who can diagnose Joe then cure him once and for all.


I was never sure where this novel was heading - but I can only hope it's not heading straight into my dreams.

This one will haunt you.

Hollywood Park: A Memoir Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250621566
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Published: Celadon Books - May 26th, 2020

Mikel was born into the now-notorious Cult Synanon - begun as an experimental commune which helped people kick addictions, but later morphed into a control group that forced divorces and separated kids from their parents at six months. Mikel and his brother Tony grew up at the cult's school - minded by strangers and only occasionally visited by their mother or father.

His mother eventually ran away with the brothers, but their lives were still filled with poverty, emotional abuse, and addiction. Bouncing between an emotionally crippled mother and an ex-con father, the boys had to raise themselves in an often confusing world.

This memoir is heart-wrenching, but it's beautifully written, so we know that despite the unfortunate and unusual childhood, Mikel overcame. He graduated with honors from Stanford and became the soul-searching front man for the Indie band The Airborne Toxic Event.

He's been an on-air columnist for NPR's All Things Considered, an editor at large for Men's Health and an editor at Filter magazine. 

This book is his testament to facing your demons and determining your own destiny, and a love story of sorts for the family we get - for better or worse.

The Silent Wife: A Novel (Will Trent #10) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062858108
Availability: May be available in-store. Is in stock in our warehouse for ordering.
Published: William Morrow - August 4th, 2020

When Karin Slaughter visited us for an event several years ago, we had a life-sized standee made of the author. That thing still lives at the bookstore and I often open my office door and jump out of my skin because Karin is in there, grinning back at me.

And the real Karin Slaughter is good at making you jump out of your skin, too, with her creepy, often-violent crime thrillers. In The Silent Wife, (Slaughter's 20th book) she revisits Grant County with a new story involving her Sara Linton and Will Trent characters. 

A young woman has been brutally attacked and there aren't many leads until a prisoner contacts to say he recognizes that M.O. A long, twisty tale ensues that will grab you whether you are a long time Slaughter fan or this is your very first time reading her.

Despite the gruesome nature of her novels and the coincidence of her last name, Slaughter herself is a thoughtful writer who includes realistic details about the long-lasting effects of trauma and are full of survivors, fighters, mothers, sisters, wives, friends, and as she says "rogues".

One of the most intriguing things I remember about her visit to Saturn is that Karin Slaughter is funny. She has that self-deprecating humor that many intelligent people possess that allows her to communicate on so many levels.

Check out The Silent Wife. You'll be glad you did.

Mother Daughter Widow Wife: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781982139490
Availability: May be available in-store. Is in stock in our warehouse for ordering.
Published: Scribner - July 7th, 2020

Wendy Doe is a subject at the famous Meadowlark Institute because she was found with no memory, no home, no identification, and no way to get a job or housing without it. So in exchange for being the subject of a memory study, she's allowed to live at Meadowlark.
Lizzie is the bright young doctoral student who is in charge of Wendy's case. The famous Dr. Benjamin Strauss is in charge of Lizzie.
And then fast forward. Lizzie has become Elizabeth, Dr. Strauss' widow. And a young girl appears on her doorstep claiming that Wendy Doe had been her mother.
This book is all about self. If we believe it, is it true? If we remember it, did it happen?
Robin Wasserman, author of the widely acclaimed Girls on Fire, has once again examined womanhood through a unique and thought-provoking lens.

The Shadows: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250318039
Availability: May be available in-store. Is in stock in our warehouse for ordering.
Published: Celadon Books - July 7th, 2020

The Shadows are a woods that stretch behind Paul and Jimmy's houses and have always felt ominous and forbidding.
When the boys change schools and find themselves outsiders, they are befriended by Charlie and Billy - two boys who actually love to go to the Shadows and have cooked up a dreamscape/ghost story to accompany their adventures. But when those adventures turned deadly, one of the boys goes to prison and another goes missing.
Years later, Paul who left his hometown behind after high school and never looked back, is forced to return because of his mother's ill health.
And what he finds is that the evil of the Shadows has never left, and people are still suffering all these years later.
Alex North is the author of The Whisper Man- another book that feels paranormal until it's discovered that plain old evil is at work instead.
I raced through The Shadows and whether or not you've read The Whisper Man, this book will work its way into your dreams.

City of Windows: A Novel (Lucas Page #1) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250776662
Availability: May be available in-store. Is in stock in our warehouse for ordering.
Published: Minotaur Books - August 4th, 2020

In this first Lucas Page thriller, the brilliant Dr. Page is sucked back into his old FBI work after a catastrophic event had changed this world and left him with several prosthetic limbs. He'd found solace in front of his graduate students and with his new wife and foster kids, but when the FBI insists, apparently resistance is futile. His brain, which can break crime scenes down into geometric designs to analyze bit by bit, is needed when law enforcement officers of all kinds are being targeted by a sniper who is terrorizing New York City.
I'd say Pobi's thriller stacks up to the ones by Lee Child, David Baldacci and the like, so expect to hear more about this author from our many mystery buffs at Saturn.
City of Windows came out in paperback, and the second book in the series, Under Pressure, has published in hardcover.
Get In Here for your copies today!

The Narcissism of Small Differences Cover Image
ISBN: 9781617758171
Availability: May be available in-store. Is in stock in our warehouse for ordering.
Published: Akashic Books - May 5th, 2020

Joe and Anna have been a cool, urban couple forever. Joe is a writer for small alternative newspapers and Anna is an art director at a Detroit ad agency.
This novel by beloved Michigan author Michael Zadoorian explores the relationship of these ageing creatives as they linger between the "grown-ups" they never intended to be and the "grown-ups" they have to be to pay the bills.
This novel is set in Detroit about a decade ago - just as the Detroit renaissance was gutted by the 2008 recession. It's a world we're familiar with and the characters who seem as if they could be friends.
I flew through this book. It's a good story well told.

Every Now and Then: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781643853543
Availability: May be available in-store. Is in stock in our warehouse for ordering.
Published: Alcove Press - October 6th, 2020

Lesley Kagen, a beloved author in our store since she gave us our perennial favorite bestseller Whistling in the Dark, takes us back to small-town 1960 and the high jinks of three eleven-year-old girls. Narrated by Biz, now a 60-something author looking with a wry eye back upon one memorable summer she and her two best friends began with lofty goals in their tree fort and ended as heroes with broken limbs and secrets revealed,Every Now and Thenhits it out of the park with Kagen's trademark folksy vernacular, larger-than-life escapades - witches! - mental institution! - murder! - ooh, la la! - and characters who mix the innocence of their age with a certain grown-up wisdom. If you are a Kagen fan, you'll recognize this winning combination right away. If not, get on the bandwagon! Every Now and Then is for everyone who loves a good story.

I'd Give Anything: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062844484
Availability: May be available in-store. Is in stock in our warehouse for ordering.
Published: William Morrow - May 12th, 2020

Once again Marisa de los Santos delivers an un-put-downable story driven by a collection of compelling and charming characters.
At just 18 years old, crazy, unrestrained Zinny Beale becomes Ginny - the girl who has forsaken her lifelong friends and just wants to put her head down and lead a normal, protected life.
But now her simple life with her sturdy husband and beloved daughter is rocked to the foundation. And maybe she needs a little Zinny to make it through.
Old lies and new betrayals move this story. But a belief that truth always wins and that good people don't really change comforts the reader with the knowledge that somehow all will be put to rights before the end paragraph.
I adore Marisa de los Santos' ability to turn out book after book with characters I'd love to know, and I'd Give Anything is no exception.