Real Nightmares (Book 10) Cover Image
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*Unbelievable, but true: abductions, ghosts, attacks in the dark and the woods, and more
*Brad Steiger's favorite and scariest stories of mysterious visitors from aliens to ghosts to the unknown in between...
*Scary stories for reading while glancing over your shoulder
*Unexplained visitors, beings and other-worldly entities
*Thorough investigation and examination mysterious visitations, from ancient myths and folklore to current events and issues
*Stories gleaned from first-person accounts and historical documents
*Written to appeal to anyone interested in paranormal mysteries
*Publicity and promotion aimed at the wide array of websites focused on the supernatural, the paranormal, and the conspiratorial
*Promotion targeting more mainstream media and websites with a popular topic
*Promotion targeting national radio, including Coast to Coast and numerous other late-night radio syndicates looking for knowledgeable guests