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The Invisible College - Book 2: Dust and Shadows Emily and Peter found moving to a new home and school in Templewood an exciting prospect. The reality is proving anything but. In this remote community, movement and communications in and out are controlled by the Sect. Two rival sections within the Sect, the Pros and the Cons, seek a missing book of arcane knowledge, which holds clues to a prophecy affecting the future of the planet. Both factions believe Peter holds the key to locating the book and unlocking its secrets. Emily and Peter find more evidence of the prophecy from ancient myths... Will the enormous scale of the Sect's intentions be revealed? Will it be too late to save the planet?
Product Details
ISBN: 9781908135148
ISBN-10: 190813514X
Publisher: U P Publications
Publication Date: February 10th, 2016
Pages: 360
Language: English