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A dangerous journey across a dark, desolate landscape.

Having passed through a portal to the World of Light, eleven-year-old Emma Wilkins and her brother, Will, find themselves in a place called Perdition by some, a dead land shrouded in darkness where ash falls from the sky. But a guide awaits them: the mysterious Prince of Shadows. Together, they must make the long, dangerous journey through Perdition and pass through the Teeth of the World in order to survive.

But time is running out. A fallen god has awakened. Its Shade, unstoppable and unrelenting, is in pursuit of Emma and her power.

At the same time, another race is taking place:

The moment drew near when it would all begin again. The turning point in the hunt eternal.

Laelaps had run forever. She would run forever more unless the legend was true. The man who could break eternity.

The Prince of Shadows.

The hound looked up. She yearned for the moon and the stars. Raising her head, she howled into the roiling black sky. Her prey, Cadmes, the fleeing fox, ever out of reach, turned his head and glanced back at her, acknowledging her longing.

The chase continued.

Who is the Prince of Shadows?

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ISBN: 9781777266837
ISBN-10: 1777266831
Publisher: Jon Herrera
Publication Date: December 8th, 2020
Pages: 248
Language: English