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By Matthew Oakley, Thea Nicolescu (Cover Design by)
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What defines you?

For Keelin and Nodiah, that is the question that inevitably twisted their fate together, and continues to plague their journey.

Nodiah is used to the label of slave. Keelin has been in the powerful position of Alpha of the Wolves of Dacaigh for a number of years. Together they discover that their labels and positions aren't nearly as important as the decisions they make.

They take on the roles of the prophesized White Wolf, and Black Wolf, and seek out the Sky Dancer temple, in order to make contact with the Creators themselves in order to finally get the truth.

Along the way, the duo must fight through the traumatic events of their past, a ruthless Corsair Captain, Dragons, Wolves, Kings, Queens and an Oracle who has already seen the future. Their greatest obstacle however might be each other.

The Oracle is a YA novel that adults will enjoy as well There are fights, prophecies, adventure, romance, and just a splash of magic to kick off the series that will follow Nodiah and Keelin on their journey. Book 2 is already in the works

Product Details
ISBN: 9781736179819
ISBN-10: 1736179810
Publisher: Matthew Oakley
Publication Date: December 15th, 2020
Pages: 252
Language: English