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He Calls Me His DANDELION In a world that is constantly moving, a small dandelion seed finds herself stuck, unable to experience the freedom that she sees all around. The deep longing of her heart to be set free remains unmet for a period of time until a gust of wind takes her from her home and into the great unknown. There, she finds that the freedom she once desired is not at all what she expected and that it comes at a cost. It is in this place that the seed struggles through every emotion, including the loss of both her unfulfilled dreams and her expectations for how she thought life would look. Hope is not lost though. The seed discovers that the greatest of her days are still to come when she meets someone special. It is in this unexpected relationship that she finds hope beyond understanding, deepest satisfaction, and comfort in even the hardest of trials.
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ISBN: 9781545633090
ISBN-10: 1545633096
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: May 31st, 2018
Pages: 50
Language: English