The Complete Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant: The Autobiography of a General and U.S. President - Both Volumes, with Illustrations and Maps (Hard Cover Image
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Ulysses S. Grant's memoirs begins with the author's formative years and his military service, continuing through the U.S. Civil War and the author's time as President of the United States. Various battles such as Monterrey, and sieges such as Vera Cruz, are recounted in this volume, with Mexico's actions and abilities as an enemy much detailed. Grant is keen to narrate the experience from his perspective as a junior officer, bringing perspective of both the strategic planning and the tactical maneuvers such conflicts entailed together with the morale of the rank and file ahead of each skirmish. Together with U.S. Grant's own recollections we find appendices in the form of original correspondences sent and received regarding the Union and Confederate forces. At the time he authored his memoirs in the mid-1880s, Grant was determined in spite of illness to add to the burgeoning historical narrative as a reliable source. With this autobiography, it is indisputable that he achieves this goal.
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ISBN: 9781387894895
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Publication Date: August 28th, 2018
Pages: 536
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