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For twenty-three years peace has prospered in Critheron. Some still recall the deeds of the past. The heroic act of thirty-two warriors whose strength and cunning in battle could not be matched. It is said it was they who ended the great war between Drasperious and Critheron. These men, the Nomads of Critheron, grew into legend.
When the men of Drasperious attack Aspheric's homeland, the young Nomad apprentice will do as his father did before him. But he will discover the world is shrouded in untamed power, and the blood of a Nomad leads to unpredictable events.
The issues of the world will take more than the Nomads to make right. With the gifts from a wise uncle, the companionship of two brothers, and union with a mysterious ally, Aspheric will not be alone in this war.

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ISBN: 9780988681224
ISBN-10: 0988681226
Publisher: Jrlg
Publication Date: March 1st, 2019
Pages: 630
Language: English