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Contrary to what I thought this book would be like from reading the jacket, I found this tale of an elderly heiress who decides she has been surrounded her whole life by ‘things’ and not people to be inspiring and downright joyous.  By the end of this novel I wanted to go out and do something nice for somebody! Do yourself a favor and read this one.

— Jill


A national bestseller, Broken for You is the story of two women in self-imposed exile whose lives are transformed when their paths intersect. Elderly Margaret Hughes is living alone in a mansion in Seattle, with only a massive collection of antiques for company, when she meets Wanda Schultz, a young woman with a broken heart who has come to Seattle to search for her wayward boyfriend. Both women are guarding dark secrets and have spent years building up protective armor against the outside world. But as the two begin their tentative dance of friendship, the armor begins to fall away. When Margaret opens her house to the younger woman, she discovers a way to redeem her cursed past, and Wanda learns the true purpose of her cross-country journey. This exuberant novel is a testament to the saving graces of surrogate families and shows how far the tiniest repair jobs can go in righting the world's wrongs. It is a work of infinite charm, wit, and heart as well as a glorious homage to the beauty of broken things.
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ISBN: 9780786182459
ISBN-10: 0786182458
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Publication Date: October 1st, 2004
Language: English