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Princesses Kyra and Juniper have a slight problem. That is, if you call your wicked stepmother sending a huntsman to kill you a slight problem. When The Queen decides to upend the sisters' worlds and take the throne of their kingdom as her own, Kyra and Juniper are forced to embark on a journey across a magical world to stop her. Along with the help of a prince, a huntsman, and a page boy, Kyra and Juniper set out to stop The Queen's coronation and save their kingdom from her wicked grasp. But mysteries abound when the two princesses begin unravelling the secrets behind The Queen's past...and their own ties with magic. Journey with the motley group of heroes as they face new threats and adventures pulled from classic fairy tales, each with their own unique twists and unexpected turns. The Golden Mirror weaves a tale of family and friendship, magic and mystery, and most importantly, of what it means to be the hero of your own story.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780578950297
ISBN-10: 0578950294
Publisher: Supernova
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2021
Pages: 418
Language: English