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"If there was a cure, would you take it?" the psychics ask 14-year-old Bradley.

He doesn't know what they're talking about. A cure for what? His powers? His PTSD? Whatever it is, there's a cure coming, and Bradley isn't sure he wants it. Not unless it will save his girlfriend, Savanna's, life.

Meanwhile, his best friend, Jay-Jay, is being cryptic about the vision he had of Savanna's death-a vision no one knows how to stop. Jay-Jay blames Bradley for the impending incident, and it isn't hard to guess why. He's a magnet for death and destruction. But Bradley can't seem to let Savanna go-not after his seemingly omniscient sister reveals he and Savanna are fated to be with each other. Would fate let them be apart?

In this YA contemporary sci-fi fantasy, Bradley unearths a government conspiracy, banding a team of ragtag diviners determined to expose it. But will this be the end of Savanna's life?

Product Details
ISBN: 9780578914930
ISBN-10: 057891493X
Publisher: E.K. Barnes
Publication Date: November 9th, 2021
Pages: 378
Language: English