For authors that sell their autographed books exclusively at Saturn Booksellers, you can click their image and then purchase any autographed book directly from our online store. For non-exclusive authors who have signed copies of their books for us, visit or call the store to inquire about autographed copies, as availability changes constantly.

We Always Carry Autographed Books For

Darron Cardosa
aka 'Bitchy Waiter'
Wade Rouse
aka Viola Shipman

Additional Autographed writers we stock - call for availability.

Sue Allen
Mary Kay Andrews
Rick Bailey
Rick Bailey
Chloe Benjamin
Melanie Benjamin
Melissa Broder
Patty Brozo
Tobin Buhk
Victoria Buursma
Heidi Chandler
Maureeen Joyce Connolly
Claire Cook
Elizabeth Cooke
Robert Downes
Lee Fullbright
Kevin Fury
Keith Gave
Beverly Haskins Reyner
Beverly Haskins Reyner
Peg Herring
Dianna Higgs Stampfler
Thomas Johnson
Jeffray N. Kessler
Allison Leotta
Laurie Lounsbury
John Marks
Barbara Olson
Nick Petrie
Johnathon Rand
Katherine Reay
Bill Rogers
Inez Ross
Viola Shipman
Bill O. Smith
Margret Sturvist
Lori Taylor
Jeff Vande Zande
Abbie Williams
Courtney Yasmineh