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Pictured below are past events at Saturn Booksellers. Click here to see what events we have happening soon!



Joseph Heywood

Coloring and Cocktails

Vanessa Matheny

Bill O. Smith

Jerry Dennis and Glenn Wolff

Jenny Milchman

Gene Klco

Robert Wangard

Lori Nelson Spielman

Katherine Reay

Where's Waldo Party

Mardi Link

Leah Thomas

Renee Rosen


Linda Castillo

Aaron Stander

Julie Brooks Barbour and Sue Harrison

Penguin Random House Night 2015

Loreen Niewenhuis

Allison Leotta 

Independant Bookstore Day

Treetops Spa Day

Elizabeth Lee writing as Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli


Richard Thompson


Tom Daldin

W. Bruce Cameron 

Kurt Kolka

Julie Lawson Timmer

Julie Hedlund

Katherine Reay 



Kelly O'Connor McNees 


D.E. Johnson

Random House Night 






Tobin Buhk


Kevin Revolinski  


Gabrielle Zevin



Treetops Spa Day






Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli 


Dune Berry Trunk Show  


JeffrAy Kessler


Aaron Stander 


Lori Nelson Spielman 







Robert Wangard



Priscilla Cogan 


Ruth McNally Barshaw Writing Workshop and Signing



Benjamin Busch and Katey Shultz



Where's Waldo


Jessica Brockmole



Brain Quest



Jenny Milchman 


Where's Waldo? :)


Steve Hamilton 


P.J. Parrish   


Random House Night


Chef Jim Voltz  


Mardi Jo Link 


Therese Anne Fowler 


Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli 


Jessica Defeyter 




Evie Riozzi's Visit


Michael Sands (A.K.A Tom Kellogg)


Gordon Briley



'My Bookstore' Celebration 


Dr. James Surrell 

Tasha Alexander 


Joseph Heywood 


Andrea Thalasinos


Bonnie Jo Campbell 


Scott Martelle


Bill O. Smith


Kurt Kolka 

 Where's Waldo Party 

Mary Bowman 


Kristina Riggle 


Where's Waldo in the Alpenfest Parade!


Capt. Tony Petrella



Susan Elizapeh Phillips  


Jason Karlawish

Steve Hamilton

Linda Castillo 



Camille Noe Pagan 


Bryan Gruley 


Peg Herring Chat n' Sign


Mary Seger Launch Party 


Random House Night  

World Book Night 


Pout-Pout Fish Author Deborah Diesen Visits St. Mary 


Tea Party with Great Lakes Tea and Spice 


Michael Moore


PJ Parrish 


Wade Rouse 


Aaron Stander


Ellen Baker 


Elin Hilderbrand


Bonnie Jo Campbell Stops in

Ellen Airgood Signing


John J. Miller signing


Steve Hamilton!

Saturn Favorite Kristina Riggle Returns

The Incomparable Mary Doria Russell Visits Saturn!


Wade Rouse Visits Saturn...again!

Book Preview by our Friends from Random House!


Loreen Niewenhuis talks about her 1,000 mile walk around Lake Michigan 

Meet Madeline!




Tea Day with Great Lakes Tea and Spice Co. 



Mary Backlund Launch Party

Semi-Annual Free Massage Day!

Wade Rouse Writing Seminar 2010

Jane Knuth

Kristina Riggle

Aaron Stander


Kelly O'Connor McNees

KellyMcNees001.jpg picture by saturnbooks

KellyMcNees.jpg picture by saturnbooks

 Katrina Kittle

KatrinaKittle022.jpg picture by saturnbooks

KatrinaKittle004.jpg picture by saturnbooks

KatrinaKittle010-1.jpg picture by saturnbooks

KatrinaKittle012.jpg picture by saturnbooks 

Lauren Oliver

Lesley Kagen

LesleyKagen005-1.jpg picture by saturnbooksLesleyKagen004.jpg picture by saturnbooksLesleyKagen002-1.jpg picture by saturnbooks

Steve Hamilton

Joseph Caldwell

Richard McElroy

Claire Cook

ClaireCook003.jpg picture by saturnbooks ClaireCook005.jpg picture by saturnbooks

Mary Kate Kopec

Kopec003.jpg picture by saturnbooks

Kopec001.jpg picture by saturnbooks

Kris Radish


Adam Schuitema
Schuitema011.jpg picture by saturnbooks


Schuitema015.jpg picture by saturnbooks

Schuitema001.jpg picture by saturnbooks

Schuitema018.jpg picture by saturnbooks

Schuitema010.jpg picture by saturnbooks

Schuitema013.jpg picture by saturnbooks

Thomas Lynch

Spot's Birthday Party!


 Random House, Live From New York 

P1010001.jpg picture by saturnbooksP1010002.jpg picture by saturnbooksP1010003.jpg picture by saturnbooksP1010004.jpg picture by saturnbooks

Wade Rouse Writing Seminar 2009

P1010188.jpg picture by saturnbooksP1010190.jpg picture by saturnbooksP1010191.jpg picture by saturnbooksP1010192.jpg picture by saturnbooks P1010198.jpg picture by saturnbooks

Mardi Link 

P1010184.jpg picture by saturnbooksP1010185.jpg picture by saturnbooksP1010187.jpg picture by saturnbooks

Wade Rouse


Laura Moriarty



Karin Slaughter



Kristina Riggle




Bryan Gruley



Jeffrey Schatzer



Tom Mooradian Event



Chocolate Day



American Girl Tea



Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli



Lesley Kagen


Breaking Dawn Party