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This fun story about two baby beavers also known as kits, Aspen and Willow, go off exploring and run into trouble. One day they get into too much trouble. Can they fix their mistake? Will their parents ever forgive them?

Who would have thought taking one college course would inspire someone to write children’s books? Timothy LaJoice surely didn’t think that until it happened. Tim is a native Michigan author residing in St. Ignace and he’s currently the proud author of two other books; Woodaline The Beaver and Little Whittle: The tale of a White Beaver.

Waterfalls of Michigan is a collection of waterfalls in the lower peninsula and the eastern part of the upper peninsula. Phil Stagg gives an elaborate guide to everything an adventurer might need in order to discover these waterfalls like he has. His book includes everything from hiking distances, approximate time frame for hikes, recommended footwear, waterfall GPS coordinates, county and area maps, turn by turn driving details, restroom availability, and even a must see rating system occupied by his exquiste photographs of the waterfalls. This is a must have book for the happy, hiking outdoors-person. This is the first book of four that will be covering all of Michigan waterfalls. 

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Gold is a children’s story about the meaning of the golden rule. It shares with kids what the color gold represents and a few stories the show them how greed, gold, and treating people better effects all of us. The author Abi Ayres will be in on May 28th from 11:30am to 1:30pm for a sit and sign. Come in and meet the author and get your children’s book signed.

Chesterville, Idaho is being ruled by the cruel hand of Foreman Walter Lovit. It is just one of many places in the now devastated United States that has been taken over by Damion Callaway’s men. Christians are being persecuted, their beliefs and churches squandered. These are the dark days, and the beliefs of God are being rewritten into something sinister. That’s until Abigail Benderas comes to town. God has appointed her as the modern-day Moses, and believes she can help stop Foreman Lovit from his evil plans. But is Abigail ready? 

Oliver's Music Cover Image
ISBN: 9781490813738
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Published: WestBow Press - February 3rd, 2014

Oliver is a spider who loves music, so when his lonely, dusty dwelling becomes a music house he’s delighted. He is enchanted by the music that fills his new, lively home and wants to join in, however, people are wary of the large black spider. Can Oliver make friends with the new homeowner and the kids who come to learn how to play? This is a very cute children’s book on music discovery and friendship. Lee Morse, a teacher of music, and Kristina Yost, an art teacher, both live in Michigan.

Are you a writer that just can't find your muse? Well, Freefalling is a collaboration of eleven creative writers that hope to inspire you with some of their own pieces. Short stories, memoirs, and poetry are a few of the pieces you'll find in this handy little book. Freefalling also includes writing starts, ideas to help you start writing and examples of what you can do to remain inspired brought to you by the book's editor Margo LaGattuta. Perhaps Freefalling can inspire you. 

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Believe is a children’s tale about what a caterpillar believes in; everything from happiness to the tooth fairy. Kasey Crawford Kellem is a school counselor and former Special Education Teacher whose Mind Over Matter (M.O.M.) books focus on teaching kids how to be more resilient. Believe is the first in a five book series geared towards preschoolers. We have three of the five books in stock; BelieveLove, and Relax.

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Set in 1912, the Morrison brothers Henry and Robert are up to their usual mischief especially when the passing automobiles get stuck in the huge mud hole just outside their home. This children's book has a great story and a multitude of facts on cars of the early nineteen hundreds. The Mud Hole is great for kids ages eight and up. Arthur Brood is an elementary school teacher living in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Also, recently released is the sequel The Snow Car.